Terms & Conditions

Show Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the show building to any Visitor, Exhibitor, or Contractor who, in the opinion of Show Management, is unfit, intoxicated, or in any way creating a disruption to the show.

For security reasons, you will be required to wear your Exhibitor Badge in a prominent location when entering the building.

No Children under the age of 16 are permitted on the show floor at any time – including infants and toddlers.

Cold Storage

For exhibitors requiring cold storage, refrigerated or freezer space is available.

Cold storage product may be delivered during move-in hours. A company representative MUST be present to sign the product in when delivered. Show Management will not be responsible for product misplaced upon delivery in the absence of a company representative. Product delivered outside of the scheduled Cold Storage published hours will be turned away at the exhibitor’s expense.

If required space is underestimated, cost adjustments will automatically be made on-site. There will be an additional $150 labour charge for shipments that exceed the amount of space booked or if there is no company representative to sign the product into the reefer.

GIC ensures the Cold Storage area is monitored 24/7 by show security. However, if product, is lost, stolen or damaged in any way Show Management will not be held responsible for these losses.

Combustion Engines

Vehicles or other flammable fueled engines displayed shall conform to the following requirements:

  1. Fuel tanks containing fuel or have ever contained fuel must not be more than ¼ full and the gas cap must be locked shut or otherwise secured. Caps for fuel tank fill pipes shall be of the locking type and must be maintained locked. If they cannot be locked, they shall be taped shut.
  2. Garden tractors, chain saws, power plants, and other gasoline powered equipment shall not contain any fuel and shall not be used for demonstrations without permission from TCC.
  3. The electrical system shall be de-energized by either:
    Removing the battery OR Disconnecting both the battery cables and covering them with electrical tape or other similar insulating material
  4. Tanks containing propane shall be maintained less than ¾ full. Vehicles may be driven in and positioned. The engine should remain running with the valve shut off. Allow engine to run until all of the fuel in the fuel line is used up. Turn ignition off.
  5. Cylinders for barbecues and/or appliances within a vehicle such as stoves, refrigerators, etc. must be empty.

Distributions, Mascots & Demonstrations

Distribution of advertising print material is not permitted outside the confines of the booth space. Product sampling by Mascots and/or Hostess is permitted within the parameters of the booth space, so long as these individuals have Exhibitor Badges. Any deviations from this rule must be authorized in advance by Show Management. Please contact Cindy Suh csuh@cfig.ca for more information. If audio/visual equipment is used, the sound must be subdued to such an extent as to ensure it is not a nuisance to neighboring Exhibitors.

Entry to the Show

Show Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the show building to any Visitor, Exhibitor, or Contractor who, in the opinion of Show Management, is unfit, intoxicated, or in any way creating a disruption to the show.

For security reasons, you will be required to wear your Exhibitor Badge in a prominent location when entering the building.

No Children under the age of 16 are permitted on the show floor at any time – including infants and toddlers.

Fire Regulations

All Exhibitors planning to use any type of fuel, such as gas, oil, helium gas, or propane, in the exhibits are required to advise show management in advance. This can be done through the Exhibit Design form which can also be found in Section 5. All displays or exhibited materials must be fireproof to conform to Federal, Provincial, and City Fire Laws.

Food Safety

The Toronto Congress Centre (TCC) is a practicing HACCP facility adhering to the highest food safety standards. In order to uphold our HACCP accreditation, it is imperative that we monitor and control all food products being served onsite. All Exhibitors who wish to dispense food or non-alcoholic beverage samples at TCC must submit the TCC Food Sample Form in advance of the Event.

TCC Guidelines:

  1. TCC holds exclusivity to food and beverage (F&B) within the facility.
  2. Written approval is required by TCC if looking to distribute food and beverage samples prior to the Event.
  3. Distribution of alcohol samples are not permitted without TCC’s prior written approval. Event Management must have required permits, insurance coverage and comply with regulations set forth by the AGCO, LLBO and any other necessary authorities.
  4. Event Management agrees to indemnify TCC with respect to any liability regarding sampling.
  5. Exhibitor is responsible for supply and setup of equipment to warm food (i.e, heat lamps), serving equipment and/or paper products (i.e., napkins, plates, etc.), and cutlery.
  6. Exhibitor’s serving equipment is not permitted in TCC’s Kitchen.
  7. Costs or services associated with setup/teardown of equipment, labour, furniture, transportation, power, cleaning, etc. are the responsibility of the distributor of food and beverage samples.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

GIC Show Management reserves the right to rearrange exhibitors or adjust the floor plan to accommodate the best interest of the Show. The floor plan maintained by Show Management is the official floor plan. Changes may occur at any time to accommodate Show needs.

Floor, Wall & Carpet Damage

Painting, nailing, drilling or screwing to the floors, walls, or any other part of the building is not permitted. Exhibitors are also responsible for oil, grease or any general damage to the carpeted area. Exhibitors wishing to lay any floor coverings must use a protective layer of adhesive pre-mask tape. Furthermore, Exhibitors wishing to lay any floor coverings may not glue or attach them to the building floor. In such cases, it is suggested that either building paper or other suitable protection be laid down first or authorized tape be used (only cloth-based tapes such as Polyken are acceptable). In the event that unauthorized tape is used, Exhibitors are responsible for removing the tape once the show is over. Charges will apply for all tape damage and/or adhesive removal at a rate provided by the building. Exhibitors are responsible for removing the tape once the show is over. Charges will apply for all tape damage and/or adhesive removal at a rate provided by the facility.

*** ALL Exhibitors MUST have full floor covering in their booth that is in suitable condition ***

Insurance Requirements

Each Exhibiting Company is responsible for maintaining general insurance coverage against all risk of bodily harm, death, material loss or damage occurring in rented areas as outlined in the Exhibitor Space Application.

Exhibitors must obtain a certificate proving that they are fully insured and must send a copy of your certificate to our designated representative for vetting before the show. Please send a copy to John Neo johnn@exhibitorinsurance.com and you will be advised if your certificate needs any updating. You may alternatively purchase one-time insurance through ExhibitorInsurance.Com. For more information see Show Services & Order Forms of the Exhibitor Manual.

NOTE: Show Management has ensured that all Official Service Contractors meet the TCC’s insurance requirements. Exhibitors contracting the services of suppliers other than the official named service contractors are responsible for ensuring they provide appropriate insurance coverage as outlined above. Proof of such insurance coverage should be submitted to Grocery Innovations Canada.

Losses or Damages

Management shall NOT be liable for any losses or damages, whether direct, indirect, general, special, consequential or otherwise to the exhibitor, its agents and employees or visitors to its exhibit whether occasioned by Management, its officers, its agents or employees or by another exhibitor.

Mandatory Booth Carpet

Booth carpet is NOT included with a standard booth space. Please make necessary arrangements to ensure your exhibit space has flooring as this is a requirement as per show management exhibit regulations. Exhibitors that do not have carpet/ full floor covering for the entirety of their booth will be barred from participating in Grocery Innovations Canada.

*Please Note Carpet/ Floor Covering for your entire booth is MANDATORY. Exhibitors can provide your own carpet or flooring.

If you would like to rent carpet, please click link below to access the Stronco Order Form. The show code for this event is 521295564. https://stroncoonline.com

Materials, Processes, and Equipment Requiring Special Permit for Use

The use of the following materials, processes or equipment is subject to approval from TCC Event Logistics. If any materials, processes or equipment requiring approval are to be used the Exhibitor shall submit in writing to Show Management the nature of the process or equipment and any safeguards to be used to protect the hazard. Requests will be submitted by Show Management to TCC who will review and return the request with their approval, rejection or limitations.

  1. Propane or natural gas fired equipment
  2. Operation of any heater, barbecue, heat producing device, open flame device, candles or torches
  3. Exhibits involving hazardous processing or materials not previously listed
  4. Storage or display of ammunition and fire arms (subject to subsection 5.2 of the Ontario Fire Code and Criminal Code)
  5. Pressure vessels including propane tanks
  6. Fossil fuel powered equipment using flammable fluids
  7. Radiation producing devices
  8. Natural Christmas trees


The responsibility of securing any equipment, items, products, and materials after the show closes on Wednesday, October 30, 2024, falls to the Exhibitor.

Neither CFIG or and of the GIC suppliers are to be held responsible for any booth items and materials left unsecure on the trade show floor.

Some methods to secure booth items and materials:

  • Use a pallet and plastic wrap to hold items together.
  • Put items and materials into boxes and close with tape.Clearly label items “Do NOT take” or “For donation.”

Non-Compliance with Display Rules & Regulations

Exhibit Design Rules and Regulations can be found on the GIC website in the “Move-in & Move-out” tab. Please ensure that your booth design complies with the regulations.

Any questions can be directed to Cindy Suh at csuh@cfig.ca.

Interpretation of the rules and regulations rests with Show Management, and non-compliance can result in the closing of your exhibit prior to the show.

No Suitcasing Policy

Suitcasing is the act of handing out product literature or samples at a trade show without being an exhibitor. Suitcasing is not allowed inside or on the grounds of the Toronto Congress Centre. Attendees found suitcasing will forfeit their badge and be escorted off the show floor.

Personal Protective Equipment

All individuals must be wearing the appropriate safety equipment during Move-In / Move-Out as directed by the Toronto Convention Centre: ie., hard toed shoes during move-in/move-out.

Registration Badges

All Exhibitors are required to wear a blue Exhibitor Badge. The exhibitor badge will allow early access to the trade show floor for Move-In/ Move-Out. Each Exhibitor is given 5 staff badges per 100 sq. ft. of booth space. Exhibitor badges are only to be used for the exhibiting company’s staff members.

Responsibility for Losses

Grocery Innovations Canada, our Official Show Contractors and the Toronto Congress Centre are not responsible for loss due to causes or conditions beyond their control such as wars, panic, mobilization, strikes, fires, floods, acts of God, as well as other conditions preventing the Show from opening on time, continuing through its scheduled dates or opening at all.

Under such conditions, Show Management, Official Show Contractors and the Toronto Congress Centre will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by an Exhibitor in preparation for or promotion of such an exhibit.

Revisions to Terms & Conditions Policies

Management has the right to make changes, amendments, and additions to the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions as it shall deem necessary to the proper conduct of the exhibition and thereupon the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions and the operations rules shall rest with Management and its decision will be final.

Management may require exhibitors to make such alterations to their displays as it deems necessary to the proper conduct of the exhibition and, on failure to comply, may order the immediate removal of the entire exhibit without compensation and at the exhibitor’s expense.


Toronto Congress Centre Security team will be responsible for 24-hour coverage of entrances, exits and the general floor area. Exhibitors are responsible for their own booth security and should have their booth attended to at all times during Move-in/out and Show Hours.

We ask that Exhibitors take whatever precautions are necessary to protect products, valuable materials and equipment. Show Management, Official Show Contractors and the Toronto Congress Centre are not responsible for the loss of property of any kind, from either the booth location, storage or cold storage area. Please exercise cautious security measures to protect your materials. Steel mesh security cages can be ordered, contact Show Management for details.

Show Promotions

The Official Show Guide details the exhibiting company’s information for the Attendee. Information includes company name, address, phone number, web address, and company profile. Please submit by August 14, 2024. The Show Guide provides Exhibitors the opportunity to enhance exposure by advertising in the Official Show Guide. Please contact Cindy Suh at csuh@cfig.ca.

For information on advertising opportunities in the Official Show Guide, please contact Laura Collaton at Icollaton@cfig.ca.

Sponsorship Programs are yet another way to gain more exposure! By sponsoring Grocery Innovations Canada, your company will benefit in year-round promotional support and on-site interaction opportunities. Contact Laura Collaton at Icollaton@cfig.ca for more information.

Exhibit Excellence Awards are presented to the exceptional exhibits at GIC. There are four categories: Best Single, Best Double, Best Multiple, and Best Marketed Booth. It is in the best interest of Exhibitors to plan booth designs using the following criteria: curb appeal, the people & the product, structure & design, and overall impression. Judging is done on-site.

The New Product Showcase is a great way to get noticed, and it is a second location for your product on the trade show floor. Space is limited! Contact Rolster Taylor at rtaylor@cfig.ca or Tyson Smith at tsmith@cfig.ca for this amazing opportunity!

VIP Retailer Guest Passes

Each exhibitor is given VIP Retailer Guest passes to invite Retailers/Grocery Store operators to GIC as their guest. This is a two-day trade show only pass. Retailers are considered any employee that works for a full independent or franchised retail store operating in at least four departments of the following: dry grocery, produce, meat, frozen, dairy, bakery, or deli.

If a VIP Retailer Guest Pass has been used by an attendee that does not fall within the Retail category, the pass will be changed to Service Other and updated to the correct balance.

Please contact Cindy Suh at csuh@cfig.ca for more information.

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