What is the Retailer Connect Program?

Grocery Innovations Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the Retailer Connect program. Retailer Connect will give you an opportunity to pre-book meetings with Retailers, Wholesalers and Distributors as well as other participating exhibitors at your booth or at the Retailer Connect Meeting Rooms, using our innovative and improved GIC mobile app or the web platform.

Grow your business

Scheduling your meetings has never been so easy! Sign up for the  Retailer Connect program and start looking for retailers that you would  like to meet with. The platform features messaging capabilities and a  schedule assistant to help you connect with the correct person in  attendance at the scheduled time. 

The sooner you sign up for the program the more time you will have to  add relevant information to your profile our AI will assist in pairing you  with a relevant retailer/buyer. New participants are added as they  register for the event, so if you are using this platform, we recommend  checking in often before show time.

Meetings take place during the trade show hours starting October
25th at 11:30am EST to October 26th at 3:30pm EST. All meetings
are scheduled in 15-minute increments, and there are no limits to the
number of confirmed meetings you can schedule over the course of
the 2 days at GIC.

Cost per exhibiting company is $300.

Questions on Retailer Connect?

Must be an exhibitor at GIC to participate. Exhibit now.

Rolster Taylor
Sales & Operations Director

(647) 625-7940 | rtaylor@cfig.ca

Aleena Khan
Sales and operations coordinator

(416) 590 5934 | AKhan@cfig.ca